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Love and Light by Daedric-Pony Love and Light by Daedric-Pony
Entry for the 'Hearts and Hooves' contest being held at #Equestria-Daily. [link]

Critique is very much appreciated as always! ^^
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Chiapetofdoom Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013   General Artist
I'd have to say this is my favorite in your collection, although it's hard to choose just one.

Critique-wise it's a very nice thing to see you using few lines. Most of your definition seems to be done with shading, color, and some texure.

It's hard to judge what your goal is - you know what style (realism, cartoon, somewhere inbetween or else?) My only real ~complaint~ is that you might try to blend the eyes, and maybe the mouth a little more into the same type of form the others have. The teeth feel 2d.

Anyways it's cool stuff. Great job.
Daedric-Pony Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013   Digital Artist
Thanks for the feedback! ^^

I'm not really sure what my goal is... I guess my "style" consists of not using outlines and my goal is to make high quality fan art for this wonderful show. Anything else is subject to change on a whim.
I admire the works of tsitra360, ponykillerX and Matt Kohr. So I guess my aim would be some mixture of those three styles. :iconscootalooshrugplz: Or something like that hell I don't know.
BerryPAWNCH Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013
Synced magic with Aurora Borealis in the background? Wow, these two really know how to step it up when they want things to get romantic!
HeFFatos Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm...when I look at it, it seems to be really successful. And it indeed is! A nice alternative to your previous maybe overlighted work, this one really stands out! A perfectly filled work with lot of detail (the... glass (I don't know how it's called in English, probably not glass) - I love how it turned out, especially the "hand" - it really looks great + it's the most detailed thing in this drawing). I like their expressions and the situation you put them in - it fits the contest perfectly.

The characters - they look very good, not sure if they are not too bright though (you know, it's nightime actually, but maybe this place is so bright, I'm not qualified enough to say that for sure). Shining Armor's horn is a little too broad in my opinion and the noses angles seems not to match the mouth angles perfectly (especially Shining Armor's mouth - it doesn't accent the shape of his nose), but it would be rather a nit-picking to point it out as a mistake. I think you should try to make the notches and the mouths more visible by increasing the amout of black in them, but that's only a suggestion of inexperienced human.

Do you know what I like most in those ponies except for the perfection of them? The light anatomy shadow on Cadance's neck - it looks so smooth somehow and so natural (I completely adore it)!

And that's pretty everything I wanted to tell you about this drawing. You did a great job on it!
Daedric-Pony Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013   Digital Artist
Hey thanks for the critique! I wouldn't be where I am today without the helpful feedback from everyone here. ^^
Cjbronyten Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013
Nicely done:)
ScarabsCorner Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
SuperRainbowSakura Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
very very VERY nice :D
TheAnimalsRight Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Best of their kind
SebBlo Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013
"Love is in Bloom" comes to mind. :heart:
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February 25, 2013
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